Christmas Camp 2015

Looking for a FABULOUS Christmas gift this year? How about Horseback Riding Camp?! Heartland is running Christmas Camp from December 28th-31st from 9am-3pm! Join us for a week of riding, horse activities, crafts and FUN on the farm! Spaces are limited so book now to save your spot!winter-heartlandequestrian-.jpg

War Horses

War Horses

Did you know that horses are heroes too?

"Australian light horsemen riding waler horses. The soldiers are of the original contingent of the Australian Imperial Force and the photo was taken prior to their departure from Australia in November 1914. The soldier on the right is Trooper William Harry Rankin Woods, 1st Light Horse Regiment, who died of wounds on 15 May 1915, one of the first light horsemen to die during the Battle of Gallipoli."Heartland Equestrian remembers and is grateful to all those who serve and served for our freedom including horses… The military mainly used horses for logistical support during the war; they were better than mechanized vehicles at traveling through deep mud and over rough terrain. Horses were used for reconnaissance and for carrying messengers, as well as pulling artillery, ambulances, and supply wagons.

I found this and a lot more about horses and their role in World War I on wikipedia. Check it out!